Summer Walker taps Drake for ‘Girls Need Love’ Remix

Summer Walker has quickly become a fan favorite, delivering deep R&B cuts that either set the scene for some epic coitus or empower women to refer to us men as “ain’t shit.” One track in particular, the resounding anthem “Girls Need Love,” is among her more popular due to addressing the fact women have their own sexual desires to be met. Well, who better to bring along and emphasize the message than the light skin lothario, Drake?

When considering the content of the song and comparing it to Drake’s normal output, there’s a disconnect in that he is often worried about himself when it comes to dealing with women and love. This verse, though, is more along the lines of “Final Fantasy” from Scorpion. He’s acknowledging the women’s need.

“You just need some, someone that’s calm and patient/Submission, domination/Arched back, deep stroke, white wine, weed smoke.” Sounds like an ideal night.

It’s the last line of this exchange that’s really setting Twitter ablaze though when Drizzy states “you just need some, dick with no complications.” Imagine it was an ideal world and that was a thing. Sometimes each person brings one of those items, or one can bring both. Run that line back though, it hits.

He gets a bit more worked up toward the end of his verse, going on to say “fucked up, shouldn’t even have to justify” in reference to women being looked down up for being openly sexual. The line is drawn between genders with “I get it, I’m on your side, guys get their way all the time/Besides, pleasure not meant for one side/You should just do what’s best for your mind/How about I just take my time?/You call up my line, I fall up inside you.”

It’s a progressive world we live in when the 6 God is availing himself to being one’s late night call. Then again, sex is a shared experience so, in the end, they both win. For Drake, this is his first feature of 2019. While he’s seemingly been very angry during the previous harsh winters, this time around he’s doing it for the ladies. Whether you wanna call it pandering, wave riding, or simply smart strategy, he might’ve just done it again and given the Atlanta songstress a huge boost.

Check out the remix to “Girls Need Love” and fellas, focus on her as much as yourself when it’s time to get freaky deaky.

Originally published at on February 27, 2019.

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