My 2019 End of Year “List”

Here we are again. Another cold December bringing holiday cheer, congested noses, whatever the hell a snow squall is, and endless “end of year” content. Only now, we’re recapping the entire decade. It’s cool to reminisce on and evaluate ten years of fire, but not entirely my vibe. Ranking-wise, at least.

So instead, last year I wrote about how J. Cole would have a phenomenal 2019 (which he did), the women would take over music (which they did), short albums would be the new trend (ha! See Chris Brown, The Game, Chance The Rapper, etc.), and we ought to make more of an effort to be fair consumers of music (some progress there, kudos). Well I’m back with some summations of 2019 and predictions about 2020. I even added an extra one. That'll be a tradition.

Like y’all Twitter bios, these thoughts are my own and certainly not objective facts. Although I wouldn’t want you calling them alternative facts either. Hm. I’ll figure this one out.

  1. You all owe PARTYNEXTDOOR an apology. “Loyal” is amazing. It’s simple, sure. It’s catchy, but what else do you expect? The sound might be overused at this point, but that doesn’t necessarily make this individual song worse. You’ve just got to go outside and hear it. Your mind will change. I stand by it.

This was fun. Dope year. Dope decade. A lot learned and gained. Here’s to another one.

Writer, editor, curator, podcast host, passionate overthinker of all things music and wrestling. Content — Hope you enjoy!

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