Advantage: Hot Girl Summer

Ah, Hot/City Boyz. We had a great run. We lead by a billion at one point. They yelled, we yelled louder. They unified factions, and we watched the lightskin agenda reclaim its throne with Drake and Chris Brown delivering “No Guidance”. I don’t think we were prepared for this though.

Like many collabs in this day and age, it all started from an Instagram Live. Many felt this was planned out, and whatever the true origin may be, the plan worked to perfection. Yesterday on Queen Radio, Nicki claimed it was a very organic process in front of her guests from the Joe Budden Podcast. Meg wanted her on the record, as it only had Ty Dolla $ign at the time they spoke. Obviously, this is a slam dunk for Nicki. Think about it.

Megan Thee Stallion is Hip-Hop’s princess right now. Everybody loves her, and the very weird male hate of her showing off her body only seems to make her bigger. The twerking increases and good music doesn’t stop. Everyone wants to drive the boat.

Nicki is the Queen, undeniably. As she said on Queen Radio, “I am the wave.” However, the throne has seen some of its most serious threats yet. She seemingly hadn’t responded well in 2018 to not being the sole dominant leader anymore.

Many deemed her bitter and petty and felt she was acting up due to drugs. These days she seems a bit more at peace, aside from the sit-down with Joe Budden. Thus being friendly with Thee Hot Girl benefits her image enormously, whether the inevitable collaboration was a spur of the moment or a strategic plan from the beginning.

Making music with her is an even better look than just a friendship. The Leader of the Barbz has returned to form in the last few months, delivering dope verses to Lil Durk and Chance The Rapper on their projects. Now she’s linked up with a budding star in Meg. It’s good business and even better branding. It’s a way to challenge herself musically as Meg does remind me a bit of old Nicki. Not to mention, this is a strong statement in lieu of the Hot Girls’ deficit this summer.

That’s not where the loss is for the opposing male faction. The “Hot Girl Summer” record has come very late into these sweltering days and objectively may not have the immediate impact of a “No Guidance”. It doesn’t need that. It’s got Ty Dolla $ign.

Being the phenomenal hook guy, it’s never a bad choice to call on the fan-favorite. It’s more than a surefire hit though. It’s a symbolic submission to the movement that is Hot Girl Summer.

A Hottie and Barb uniting over a beat sampling the war cry that is “Act Up” by the City Girls is one thing. A leader within the male side of music joining them on the song is a clear bow down. Ty is likely just going for the bag, which I respect. I imagine he’s never turned down a feature. I also can’t say that Nicki and Meg went into this with the idea they’d hit the Hail Mary by getting Ty. It’s a genius business move all around. Nicki and Ty haven’t collaborated much, and Meg hasn’t worked with either of them yet.

Even in saying “real ass nigga, give a fuck ‘bout a bitch” which sounds pretty genuine coming from Ty, the hook ends with him acknowledging who spawned all these variations of genders claiming ownership of the summer. “Hot Girl Summer, so you know she got it lit.”

It’s a hard-ass beat you can twerk to, scream in the club, throw cash, and feel empowered. It’s another song we men have to give its just due. The song was going to be championed regardless of how good it was. Turns out…it’s a bop. And it’s their walkoff RBI. Unless there’s something coming from the men’s side. Time will tell.

Social media, expectations, and the presence of stars often ruin experiences like these. It often feels like people aren’t even listening to the actual music anymore as a result of how they feel about the people involved. Placing Nicki alongside Meg and Ty is a great way to brighten up her public image. And also make some damn good music. Some people can’t see past their issues with Nicki, or a past version of themselves. Not to say she isn’t polarizing. It’s hard to love her and be a fan, but love comes with being critical.

At the end of the day, it’s all about the art. However, business plays a huge role. Having a sound understanding of the business sometimes can lead to a stronger appreciation of the art. It’s all about how people receive things. Meg and Nicki is an exciting pairing for women. Throwing Ty in the mix makes it an attack on the Hot Boyz. Still, we rise? I don’t know. As of now, the advantage goes to the ladies.

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