Care Package: Retrospective Reviews

There was a point where it felt like asking Drake to put his loosies on major streaming services became a personality trait. It separated the commercial Drake fans from the ones who “really knew” or “been down.” That’s one way to look at it if you’re a fan hoping to prop yourself up above others.

With more thought and the attempt to place myself in every moment where I first heard these songs, it’s just different. Call him soft or emotional, but Drake had this wild sense of conveying emotions that we truly felt at the times when Care Package’s 17 songs released, even if we had yet to actually experience them.

It’s why these songs being released in 2019 caused so much of an uproar. Yeah, it’s Aubrey, but it’s also our past and moments that we can easily remember. Some pleasing, some hurtful, but all so tangible simply because of a beat going underwater or a timestamp plus a location.

Thus, I am challenging myself with the task of traveling back to a few of the moments that I first heard these songs. The age I was, the feelings I had, my mindset toward life, and how they were impacted by these songs.

4PM in Calabasas — Summer 2016, 20 years old

Oh yeah, this nigga Drizzy back. Y’all tried to shit talk Views and now he’s back in his timestamp bag. Wholesome shit only. This beat hard, ooh. “We established like the Yankees!” OVO really might be the Yankees though. He about to send more bottles to Charlemagne?! History does repeat itself. Meek probably shook. “The higher I get, the less they accept me” is all facts brodie, they really don’t like to see The Boy win.

Oh nah, that Diddy laugh is wild. I need to hit the GroupMe and see if bros are listening to this. That’s true, he really didn’t have to bless Rocky and K Dot like that but he took them on tour. Where’s his thanks? “Mike never tried to rap like Pac, Pac never tried to sing like Mike”, wow. He’s really spitting. Ghostwriter who? Quentin could never. “Take that, take that” nah he’s kind of buggin’ now. These women really do love getting high and listening to Party. Let me Tweet that.

“I got a lot to lose cause in every situation I’m the bigger artist, always gotta play it smarter.” That should be all the information y’all need. “Redoing the entrance, kinda like when you niggas drop on some again and again shit”…man. Do y’all see Kris Jenner, beep twice and wave? “Don’t push me cause I’m way too uneasy nowadays.” That harmony in “always on your mind” really touched me. I’m jacking this. Also glad I can use that phrase.

I Get Lonely — Fall 2010, 15 years old

Damn man, my friends already call him soft and now more singing? Grow some balls, Drake. This beat is nice though. “I’m still sitting here alone, we should have did this already.” Yo that’s really how I feel. She’s married to me on Facebook but not trying to be my girl. I should text her. *flips open LG Alias*. Email? Man, I don’t email girls. “But I wanna hit you back to say just like you, I get lonely.” I do.

This chorus is really how I feel. This might be a Tumblr post, to be honest. And I unlinked it from my Facebook so I won’t have to get flamed for it #winning. “Ready for us to get it on, ain’t got a love to call steady/I’m still sitting here alone, We should’ve did this already.” Alright yeah, this is what I needed. Drake is to us what Taylor Swift is to white girls. Telling the stories of our love lives. “Don’t wanna come on strong, cause too many people wanna get me.” Sheesh. Yeah he did his thing.

Can I — Spring 2015, 19 years old

Oh, another collab between these two? It’s litty. Okay Bey, yes you can. Whatever you’re asking for, you got it. This beat hard. “Bring you to the 6 where I really stay, show you why I am the way I am.” Yeah, we really do have trouble being consistent. Drake talking. Oh okay the beat dropping out, Bey time. Turn them lights out. SHE ABOUT TO GO OFF. Ah…oh. That’s it?

Drake doing that yell-rap he loves this whole time. Kinda wish he’d have stood back a bit here. It’s not bad but this could be way more. I know girls love Beyoncé but I would’ve loved a verse smfh. It’ll come though. This just a leak. He still GOAT. And “Mine” is still an incredible collab.

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